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Thanks for visiting my site. Check out my portfolio and other insights below!

Let Me Introduce Myself

I am a Second-Year Editor In Chief for Liberty North’s Ayrie Yearbook in Liberty, Missouri. I am an achieved student/leader in copy editing, thematic planning, as well as having expertise in Adobe programs, DSLR Cameras, and coverage planning.

Passion over Job

Journalism isn’t something I have to do in order to finish the yearbook or meet deadlines, it is something that I get the privilege to do. Sure, it’s a job, but I see it as my passion. No negative connotations here.

Shoutout to the Ayrie Staff.

My peers in room 111 are not only my besties, but shoulders to cry on, the best of listening ears, the ones who make sure I have a good laugh on deadline night, and above all, the ones who have made this all worth it.

A Key Takeaway

The future of journalism is in the hands of those who are taking steps towards truth and raw storytelling within their work.

Audrey and her inner thoughts

Check Out My Other Endeavors

See how I’ve used the skills I’ve learned in the Yearbook classroom to help me exceed in all aspects of my life


Man, I used to be too shy to even talk to my classmates. Through leadership in Yearbook, I’ve been able to gain the confidence to voice my faith at youth group. Soon enough, I got the chance to preach a sermon in front of my entire congregation. For the first time, people could feel my passion in my words. If I didn’t first step out of my shell as a journalist, I wouldn’t be the speaker I am today.

Future Goals

After four years of personal growth as a writer and designer, I am blessed to take my education to the University of Arkansas with a major in Journalism: News & Editorial while minoring in Religious Studies. I plan to study abroad, dive into extensive research and start an internship. I’m hoping to join the magazine staff in college as well.

Serving Others

Being a journalist can be tedious, stressful, but don’t forget that it’s rewarding for the truthful heart. Being a reporter has taught me that I receive joy by helping others with having their voice heard. I believe that I’ve been able to use this knowledge through my work on mission trips, including Hurricane Harvey repair and helping farmers gain ownership for their farms again in Peurto Rico.

Thank You for Visiting My Site

Audrey Culver